Planning applications in Watford, Three Rivers, Hertsmere and Dacorum

An application has been made to Dacorum Borough Council to change the use of 106 London Road, Hemel Hempstead, from a shop to a clinic.

The application form states a clinic already operates at the rear of the shop, which is currently vacant, and the business now wishes to expand.

Scroll down the extensive list below for applications validated by Watford, Three Rivers and Dacorum councils in the week beginning June 5, plus those related to Aldenham, Bushey, Radlett and Watford submitted to Hertsmere Borough Council in the week ending June 2.


  • 135 Gammons Lane Watford WD24 5JD. Lawful Development Certificate for: Demolition of existing garages and construction of a new outbuilding to be used a Gym / Study. Ref. No: 23/00501/LDC
  • Brunswick Nursing Home 62 Stratford Road Watford WD17 4JB. Works to trees under TPO.60 – 8 x sycamores along rear boundary. Reduce height by removing up to 3m from the overall height. Ensuring overhanging branches are reduced back to level of boundary line. To manage height of trees which are the cause of excessive shading to adjoining property. Ref. No: 23/00499/TPO
  • 16 Florence Close Watford WD25 0AS. The erection of a single storey rear extension which would extend beyond the rear wall of the original house by 6m for which the maximum height would be 3.45m and for which the height of the eaves would be 3m. Ref. No: 23/00498/HPD
  • 37 St Johns Road Watford WD17 1QB. Proposed part single part two storey rear extensions, alterations to the ground floor rear pitched roof to form a flat roof and alterations to fenestration. Ref. No: 23/00495/FULH
  • 81 Woodland Drive Watford WD17 3LA. Amendment to built patio as per pre-application advice, ref: 23/00265/PREAP1. Ref. No: 23/00494/FULH
  • 3 Sixth Avenue Watford WD25 9QA. Lawful Development Certificate for erection of outbuilding. Ref. No: 23/00493/LDC
  • 94 Bushey Mill Crescent Watford WD24 7RD. Erection of single storey rear and side extension. Ref. No: 23/00488/FULH
  • 92 Langley Way Watford WD17 3EE. Lawful development certificate for proposed Hip to gable loft conversion including rear dormer and x4 front roof lights. Ref. No: 23/00486/LDC
  • 41 The Ridgeway Watford WD17 4TH. Proposed two storey wraparound extension, raising of the ridge and roof works, floor plan redesign and all associated works. Ref. No: 23/00476/FULH
  • 43 Sotheron Road Watford WD17 2QB. Erection of single storey rear extension. Ref. No: 23/00472/FULH
  • 1 The Orchard Watford WD17 4HW. Erection of single storey side/ rear extension. Ref. No: 23/00471/FULH
  • 51 Vicarage Road Watford WD18 0DE. Erection of two storey rear extension. Ref. No: 23/00435/FUL
  • 5A Euston Avenue Watford WD18 7SZ. Proposed loft conversion with erection of rear dormer window. Ref. No: 23/00426/FULH


  • 86 Long Lane Mill End Rickmansworth WD3 8YG. Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed Development: Construction of an outbuilding. Ref. No: 23/0908/CLPD
  • 10 Gable Close Abbots Langley WD5 0LD. Erection of front porch. Ref. No: 23/0912/FUL
  • 78 Frankland Road Croxley Green Rickmansworth WD3 3AU. Prior Approval: Single storey rear extension (depth 6 metres, maximum height 3 metres, maximum eaves height 3 metres). Ref. No: 23/0920/PDE
  • 37A Nightingale Road Rickmansworth WD3 7DA. Demolition of existing conservatory, front porch; construction of single storey rear extension with a sedum roof; conversion of double garage into habitable accommodation; front porch, front roof lights and side solar panels; external materials including timber cladding; internal alterations and alterations to fenestration. Ref. No: 23/0878/FUL
  • 44 Russell Road Moor Park Northwood HA6 2LR. Construction of part single, part two storey front/rear extensions; conversion of garage into habitable accommodation; loft conversion including side/rear rooflights and rear balconies; erection of front/rear gables, alterations to landlevels; relocation of entrance door, internal alterations and alterations to fenestration detail. Ref. No: 23/0840/FUL
  • 9 Ashleys Mill End Rickmansworth WD3 8JU. Certificate of Lawfulness Proposed Development: Construction of single story rear extension including alterations to rear land levels. Ref. No: 23/0797/CLPD


  • 243 Watling Street, Radlett, WD7 7AL. External alterations to existing shop frontage including alterations to fenestration, shop door position and materials. Ref. No: 23/0714/FUL
  • 2 Scrubbitts Park Road, Radlett, WD7 8JW. Application for approval of details reserved by condition 3 (soft landscaping/tree protection) of planning permission reference 22/1858/HSE. Ref. No: 23/0744/DOC
  • Chideock , Brook Drive, Radlett, WD7 8ET. Erection of rear conservatory. Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed). Ref. No: 23/0738/CLP
  • 9 Medow Mead, Radlett, WD7 8ES. Single and two storey side extensions, front gable extension and dormer alteration, first floor rear extension, conversion of garage to habitable space, front porch and alterations to fenestration. Terracing work to sloping rear garden. Ref. No: 23/0739/HSE
  • 1 Grove Cottages, Hogg Lane, Elstree, Borehamwood, WD6 3AL. Single storey rear extension. Depth: 4m, Height: 2.8m, Eaves: 2.8m. Ref. No: 23/0778/PD42
  • Immanuel College, 87 – 91 Elstree Road, Bushey Heath, Bushey, WD23 4EB. Demolition of teaching block located adjacent to the tennis courts. (Application for Prior Notification). Ref. No: 23/0781/PD28O
  • 482 Bushey Mill Lane, Bushey, WD23 2AS. Application for variation of condition 1 (approved plans) to allow for changes to the front elevation, rear basement extension and loft conversion following grant of planning permission 20/1984/FUL. Ref. No: 23/0595/VOC
  • 17 Grange Road, Bushey, WD23 2LQ. Rear dormer extension with associated roof alterations. Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed). Ref. No: 23/0758/CLP
  • 6 Coombe Road, Bushey, WD23 4SP. Two storey side and rear extension, single storey rear extension, single storey front extension including new front porch. Conversion of loft to habitable room with roof alterations to include rear dormer and insertion of 3 x front roof lights, 2 x rear roof lights, 1 x and 2x side roof lights. Ref. No: 23/0713/HSE
  • 33 Woodfield Rise, Bushey, WD23 4QR. Part single part two storey rear extension, replacement front porch and alterations to fenestration. Ref. No: 23/0736/HSE
  • 82 Ashfield Avenue, Bushey, WD23 4LN. Single storey rear extension. Depth: 3.1m, Height: 3.5m, Eaves: 2.8m. Ref. No: 23/0756/PD42
  • 130 Little Bushey Lane, Bushey, WD23 4SA. Application for approval of details reserved by conditions 2 (bathroom windows), 4 (first floor balconies) & 6 (soft landscaping/tree protection) of planning permission reference 22/1971/FUL. Ref. No: 23/0772/DOC
  • 24 Koh-i-noor Avenue, Bushey, WD23 3EJ. Conversion of loft to habitable room with rear dormer and 2 front roof lights. Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed). Ref. No: 23/0743/CLP
  • 14 Reddings Avenue, Bushey, WD23 3PB. Single storey side and rear extension. Ref. No: 23/0751/HSE
  • 29 Haydon Road, Watford, WD19 4DE. Construction of detached outbuilding to rear garden. Certificate of Lawful Development (Proposed). Ref. No: 23/0776/CLP


  • 10 Coral Gardens Hemel Hempstead HP2 5ED. Single storey rear extension. Ref. No: 23/01372/LDP
  • Forge Farm Nettleden Road Nettleden Hemel Hempstead HP1 3DQ. Works to trees – felling. Ref. No: 23/01348/TCA
  • Honours Mead Howard Agne Close Bovingdon Hemel Hempstead HP3 0DA. Works to tree. Ref. No: 23/01358/TPO
  • 108 Fennycroft Road Hemel Hempstead HP1 3PD. Single storey rear extension measuring 6.00m deep with a maximum ridge height of 3.05m and a maximum eaves height of 2.94m. Ref. No: 23/01347/HPA
  • Old Cottage Paddock Nettleden Road North Little Gaddesden Berkhamsted HP4 1PE. Demolition & Construction of new dwelling with detached garage, additional access, new pond, bund and associated landscaping. Ref. No: 23/01359/FUL
  • 106 London Road Hemel Hempstead HP3 9SD. Change of use from shop to chiropractic clinic. Ref. No: 23/01335/FUL
  • 5 Highfield Kings Langley WD4 9JT. Single storey rear extension. Ref. No: 23/01309/FHA
  • Solong Stoney Lane Chipperfield Kings Langley WD4 9LS. Construction of a new pitched roof, raising of the ridge, with dormers & rooflights to the front & rear elevations. Re-cladding of the walls, new windows, doors & openings. Ref. No: 23/01305/FHA
  • 4 Toms Hill Close Aldbury Tring HP23 5SL. Addition a first storey and expanding the driveway area to create new parking space and designated bin store. Ref. No: 23/01287/FHA
  • 25 Tile Kiln Lane Hemel Hempstead HP3 8NH. Single storey rear extension. Ref. No: 23/01285/FHA
  • 23 Water End Road And Land To Rear Of 21 Water End Road Potten End Berkhamsted. Demolition of frontage buildings and redevelopment of site for 8 dwelling houses. Ref. No: 23/01211/FUL
  • Dalchini 91 – 95 High Street Hemel Hempstead HP1 3AH. Repairs and new signage. Ref. No: 23/01180/LBC
  • 5 Chilterns Hemel Hempstead HP2 5QT. Rebuild side extension with pitched roof and alterations to front door. Ref. No: 23/01148/FHA
  • 1 Coniston Close Hemel Hempstead HP3 8RH. Proposed side extension at first floor level Proposed side infill extension to rear of existing garage and proposed glass extension to rear elevation at ground floor level. Ref. No: 23/01096/FHA

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