Ismael outlines why Watford have brought in set-piece coach

That’s the view of Watford head coach Valerien Ismael on the introduction of Italian Gianni Vio in the last couple of months.

The set-piece expert worked with his national team when they won Euro 2020, and has most recently been on the staff at Tottenham.

“We work on some patterns to get a clear picture for the players, both defensively and offensively,” said Ismael.

“At the end of the day, I have the final decision but he has brought some ideas and interesting things to us for sure.

“His work is mostly attacking plays, and we share all the ideas with the players and staff as well analysing the games to try and find what we think is the best solution for everyone.

“I think we have room to improve on our attacking set plays because we know they can make a big difference for winning a game.”

The Watford boss said there should be no surprise that Watford have included a set-piece specialist coach in their staff set-up.

“I think it is normal now in every top club,” he said.

“You try to cover all areas, to be professional and to continually raise your standards.

“If we get the feeling we need to do something in a certain area in order to improve then we will do it.

“More support gives you more ideas, and more ideas help you to make better decisions.

“I think everyone here gets a good feeling about the way we are trying to evolve as a club, and that is the same within the squad. Everything we do is always in order to try and reach the top.”

Gio has described set pieces as ‘a game within a game’, and Ismael agrees.

“They are a game within a game, exactly that,” he said.

“It’s all about learning from what you have done, and then improving for tomorrow.

“Everything we do is trying to push us further forward.”

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