Complaints as Maple Cross HS2 work ‘goes as late as 11pm’

Maple Cross residents have complained after “noisy” HS2 construction work “has started going as late as 11pm”.

Local campaign group, Protect Maple Cross, says it has filed a formal complaint which HS2 confirmed it received this morning (January 12).

It added that a number of members had mentioned the noise, which they claim has only started relatively recently, with some even saying it is “keeping them up at night”.

A spokesperson for the group said: “HS2 is conducting noisy works well into the night, on weeknights when adults and children in the area have work and school the next day.”

The group describes the sound as “a low, dim hum” in bursts of up to 10 seconds, which “dominate the area”, usually in the evenings until 11pm. 

Watford Observer: HS2 site Maple CrossHS2 site Maple Cross (Image: Protect Maple Cross)

“Residents of Maple Cross, West Hyde, and the surrounding areas already have to contend with a number of disruptive knock-ons from HS2, including speeding heavy goods vehicles, congested roads due to closures and light pollution,” the spokesperson added.

“Noisy construction work late at night has now been added to that list.”

There will be 1.4 miles of track in the Three Rivers District for the new high-speed railway, from London to the West Midlands, which includes the Chiltern Tunnel near Maple Cross and the Colne Valley Viaduct to carry trains above a series of lakes and waterways.

A spokesperson for HS2 Ltd said: “We are working hard to reduce disruption for local communities during the construction of the HS2 project.

“We have consent to operate the site near Maple Cross 24/7 to support the construction of the Chiltern Tunnel and Colne Valley Viaduct, with monitoring in place to make sure noise level limits are not exceeded.

“We take all complaints extremely seriously, and will take action to reduce noise levels if they are exceeded.

Watford Observer: HS2 site Maple CrossHS2 site Maple Cross (Image: Protect Maple Cross)

“Our performance on noise is published monthly.”

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