5G tower plan opposite St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

A proposal to install a monopole on land near Ainsdale Road, South Oxhey, was submitted to Three Rivers District Council on March 7.

According to planning documents, Vodafone had identified a requirement for improved 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage in South Oxhey as well as a need for new 5G coverage.

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The pole would be 50 metres from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and is described as “the smallest scale structure that can be deployed in this location and provide the required network coverage”.

Alongside the light-grey steel monopole, three cabinets and ancillary works are also included, which would sit to the rear of the pavement just south of a junction with Matlock Crescent.

The application is currently “pending consideration” and letters are due to be sent to neighbours today (March 10).

The government wants the majority of the population to be covered by 5G signal by 2027 to make the UK “a world leader” in the technology.

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